The most simple bulk renaming software

Mass Renamer is a powerful tool to rename multiple files and directories at once. You can search and replace phrases inside multiple files, too. All without messing with the command line or some overly complicated interface.

Mass Renamer, Windows logo
Requires .NET 4.6+
Mass Renamer, screenshot

Do you ever wanted to change one word inside 300,000 files?

We use this tool daily to rename bower-components, node-modules and the code name of a new project.

No installation required

Everything you need is just a single file.
The application is very lightweight and blazingly fast.

Mass Renamer, screenshot


  • Free (commercial use allowed)
  • Bulk renaming files/directories
  • Bulk replacing inside files
  • Include/exclude masks
  • Automatic binary file detection
  • Remembers settings
  • Supports regular expressions
  • Supports case sensitivity